Things I didn't understand until I birthed a child

Run. Run. Keep going. Train insane or stay the same. Wipe the sweat, breathe in, breathe out. Run. Legs aching & I drive home in the dark, the last bit of quiet. Front door squeaks. I juggle a coffee mug & coat & laptop bag & “MOMMA!” as he comes barreling to me. THUMP in […]


How I Spent My Spring Break.

by heirtoblair on May 24, 2010

Remember those God-awful essays in school?  SO boring & pointless.  Because you’d drone on & on about the pool and tulips & bonding with your mother when in reality, you spent your spring break on your period, hating the world until you were TRIPLE-DOG-DARED to make-out with Brace-face Brian behind the bushes outside the tennis […]



by heirtoblair on May 9, 2010

Today, we dedicated our son to God.  Promising that we will do our best to show him Jesus, to raise him in a home that shows reverence to God, & to always say prayers before bed.  & remind him not to repeat the words we may utter under our breath at red lights. The Momma […]


Mother’s Day.

by heirtoblair on May 9, 2010

I am a MOTHER. Some days, it hits me like a ton of bricks. I never knew I could be this strong. Being a mother makes me feel wiser, more compassionate, & open to life. I have never hurt this badly.  I have never felt this inept.  I have never been this resilient. I love […]

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