The I Do's


by Beth Anne on December 3, 2013

I stared down the shorter days of September & October with no fear. Weeks passed & I didn’t feel that sickly crawling across my soul, that black hole that seems to grow in the winter months. Instead, I worked under my sunlamp & faithfully took my medicine & the spring never left my step. For […]


Doug & I like to drive along the main road through Holden Beach, laughing at the names of the houses. Worker’s Compensation, Holden Aces, & Holden Peach are some of our favorites. The sun-warmed wind blows through the windows & I let my fingers brush through the salt air. I ask Doug what he’d name […]



by Beth Anne on July 8, 2013

We began forever seven years ago, fresh out of college & wide-eyed at the world. I wore a white lace dress & carried roses; you wore a tux & stood next to your dad but it wouldn’t have mattered if we were in a courthouse or a field & wearing jeans. We just wanted to […]



by Beth Anne on July 1, 2013

Lately the clock & calendar seem to be moving at a faster pace than I can scramble to keep up with. At work, my fingers fly as I take over the responsibilities of another country & another client & one more, if you could please. I’ve started adding an extra shot of espresso to my […]


It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

by heirtoblair on January 9, 2013

Right before Christmas, Harrison’s daycare sent home his first “report card,” which is just about as darling & weird as it sounds. Darling because report card! For a three year old! On painting skills!  Weird because…well, he’s three. & it’s preschool, not AP English preparing him for a Harvard philosophy class.  As Doug & I flipped through […]