Something I hate

by heirtoblair on January 25, 2009

more than celery with effing peanut butter & raisins (it’s not cute, camp counselors) — knowing that I might be a crack in the heart for another woman out there. That my positive pregnancy tests & little apple seed of a babe might feel like daggers of injustice to another woman. ¬†That I have made […]

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by heirtoblair on December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! We wish many blessings & warm wishes to our readers & friends. May this Christmas find you surrounded by love & family. As we take time to celebrate the season, we remember the baby that changed our lives forever by celebrating the birth of the baby that changed the world forever. Glory to […]


Raw. I feel….raw. Last night, I stopped by my parent’s to give an opinion on a Christmas present, watch Tyler Hansbrough break the scoring record, & have a glass of vino. Momma: ::sitting down & taking a sip of wine:: “I have some news that will shock you. Absolutely floor you. It’s happy news, but […]


Shop ’til you drop. Literally.

by heirtoblair on December 4, 2008

I cried in a dressing room yesterday. The Momma & I played hookie yesterday to decorate her house & Christmas shop — a tradition we began 13 years ago (& we’ve never skipped a year). The majority of the day was a blast — lattes at Starbucks, singing Christmas carols while we hung garlands & […]


One week.

by heirtoblair on November 30, 2008

Ever since I lost Harpie, I’ve noticed a complete inability to sleep in. I don’t usually have problems falling asleep. I’m not having bad dreams. But come 5am, I am UP for the day (hence most of my blogging as of late occurring before the 7 o’clock hour). It’s very, very odd. Not to mention […]