Suzie Homemaker

Run. Run. Keep going. Train insane or stay the same. Wipe the sweat, breathe in, breathe out. Run. Legs aching & I drive home in the dark, the last bit of quiet. Front door squeaks. I juggle a coffee mug & coat & laptop bag & “MOMMA!” as he comes barreling to me. THUMP in […]


Incredibly Stupid-Easy Crock Pot Potato Soup

by heirtoblair on November 18, 2012

Yep, pulling out my faithful crock pot again. Doug adores potato soup because it’s cream & carbs & fat & then you get to smother it in bacon & cheese.  (let’s be serious – I love the shit out of it, too.)  I’ve tried several potato soup recipes in the past & all of them […]


It has been an ordinary day. But also?  An extraordinary day. This morning, I woke up before both boys.  I laid in bed, snug under the warm covers & waited to hear the growling bear sounds of Doug beside me.  He growls, I tell you.  & so does the little boy in the navy blue […]


I took a personal day today. & anyone who knows me will tell you THAT I NEEDED IT.  You know those moments where you know if you don’t STOP, that you’re going to be sick?  Not sick in the head.  Because crazy isn’t contagious.  But if you don’t slow down & rest, you’re going to […]


Happy Birthday.

by heirtoblair on February 23, 2010

After two months of preparation, we finally celebrated The Momma’s party on a sunny day with no snow to thwart travel!  Her girlfriends came from all over & we had a fantastic morning celebrating one hell of a woman.  After my announcement to the family on Friday regarding my current mental health, The Momma quickly […]