Life in General

Legos & Work & Life

by Beth Anne on May 25, 2014

Harry is the master of Legos. He’s putting together 200+ piece sets alone & it’s just amazing to watch. Like one day, we were worried he wasn’t going to point on time & now he’s building a freaking Lego camper, complete with coffee mugs, little tables, & a canoe. I’ve decided after watching him that everyone […]


Lately with Tuck.

by Beth Anne on May 1, 2014

It started this winter, our girl looking stiff as she stood up after a nap on the floor. We noticed she didn’t hop up on the couch or bed with ease anymore & so we started her on glucosamine pills every morning. Two pills that she took happily, thinking they were treats & oblivious to […]



by Beth Anne on April 27, 2014

“Kim? Kim, it’s Beth Anne. What happened?” My voice caught on the phone with my college roommate, Kim. We hadn’t spoken on the phone in 8 years & she was the first person I called when I saw the update, that Courtney Sanford was gone. Ten years ago, Kim & I shared bunk beds in […]


Currently I Am…

by Beth Anne on January 20, 2014

appreciating Doug’s TWO job offers last week! reading The Boleyn Inheritance. I bought this book over a year ago after finishing The Other Boleyn Girl & never got around to reading it. So far, so okay. listening the planes overhead & when it’s a clear day, they come a little more softly. I’ve always found them […]


Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

by Beth Anne on January 2, 2014

We rang in the new year with a kitchen counter between us, friends on each side, & pink champagne in our glasses & our little boy tucked into bed at Grandma’s house. Full of birthday cake & frozen sugared cranberries, it was the first New Year’s Eve midnight Doug & I have seen since 2006. […]