Knocked Up

Love at First Sight: How to Get Your Pup Ready for Baby

by heirtoblair on December 8, 2012

I get asked pretty often about Harry & Tuck’s relationship & how we made that whole baby-canine friendship come to fruition. Point 1: I am not Ceasar Milan. On the flip side, I grew up with dogs (at one point we had three in the house) & have attended official dog training stuff, so I […]


Ute Thumps & Heart Thumps

by heirtoblair on October 30, 2012

title: Ute Thumps & Heart Thumps I was 17 weeks the first time I felt Harrison move. I never had the moments before where I wondered, “Is that it? Is that it?” Maybe because my sciatic pain hurt too badly for me to focus on anything else, or maybe because I was always shoving my […]


That time I aced the test.

by heirtoblair on September 3, 2012

title: I aced the test, now what? note: I am not currently pregnant. It was a September morning in 2008, too early for the sun to be fully up. I had a feeling but I’d had “that feeling” the month before when it had been a lie. Doug peeked through one eye & asked me […]


The stages of pregnancy.

by heirtoblair on July 12, 2012

Oh, pregnancy. I have such a love/hate relationship with you. I love being pregnant & feeling the baby kick, but I am not a cute pregnant person. I puke through the entire first trimester, swell like crazy starting at 15 weeks, & get stretch marks on my knees. Pregnancy is not a good look for […]


Embracing the elastic.

by heirtoblair on March 29, 2012

Let’s be honest – maternity clothes are darling. Until I have to wear them, & then some black hole sucks all the cute & I’m stuck wearing cheap fabric draped like a tent over swollen ankles. My maternity style back in 2009 was terrible; I’m not going to make any excuses for it or claim […]