I have a new job & there’s no better title.

by Beth Anne on July 18, 2013

 I don’t know what’s going to happen in the coming months but I’m learning to trust & hope that something really wonderful is just waiting around the corner. -from my post on July 1st   It was never my intention to go quiet on my blog over the past few months. I held tight to […]


My child threw up in my mouth today. You read that correctly. MY CHILD.  THREW UP. IN MY MOUTH. It started off so sweetly innocent.  He sat on the bed, shaking a sock happily while I folded laundry & I got the urge to learn over to play with him.  So I did.  Because I […]


Remember how I almost killed my husband yesterday?  Well, today I forgot to take the spoon out when I was re-heating Doug’s chili for dinner. The metal spoon, that is. Harrison may be much happier, but it’s safe to say that his Momma’s sanity & mental capacities have yet to return.


Harrison has been such a joy today that it’s hard NOT to be in an amazing mood.  & with me, an amazing mood = productivity. So to celebrate this turn in the tide, I made homemade salsa.  Then I decided to put on my SuperMom cape & thought I should greet my husband tonight with […]