Last night I helped Harrison out of the shower & turned off the water. (He was mad because he likes to turn off the water but you know, sometimes I forget & act on habit like all moms.) I toweled him off & the water kept trickling from the shower head because sometimes that happens [...]


#whileyouweregolfing, a new series for my husband.

by Beth Anne on August 10, 2013

Our son managed to lock all three doors upstairs from the outside, bathroom & bedrooms. I’m usually pretty good at these, but my trusty bobby pin failed & I had to locate a screwdriver & take one of the knobs off entirely. Then he tried to run past me & lock them all again. He [...]


I have a new job & there’s no better title.

by Beth Anne on July 18, 2013

 I don’t know what’s going to happen in the coming months but I’m learning to trust & hope that something really wonderful is just waiting around the corner. -from my post on July 1st   It was never my intention to go quiet on my blog over the past few months. I held tight to [...]


This is how not pregnant I am.

by Beth Anne on April 11, 2013

Fact: ultrasounds are only fun when tiny babies with tiny heartbeats are involved. About a month ago while on a training run with my friend Sarah, I leaned over & grabbed my uterus. “This hurts,” I wheezed. “Why would my baby-maker hurt running?” “Cramps? Pulled muscle? Maybe you just need to pee?” she suggested. _______________________________________________ [...]


Oreo the Rabbit, aka Lessons in Buying Generic.

by Beth Anne on March 26, 2013

People. I barely even have words. Because it’s school picture time again & there’s livestock involved again. You remember Peanut Butter the Pony from 2012? This time it was a pair of fluffy rabbits & I was taking bets over text message on whether or not the Hibster would actually hold a bunny. The little [...]