I have a new job & there’s no better title.

by Beth Anne on July 18, 2013

 I don’t know what’s going to happen in the coming months but I’m learning to trust & hope that something really wonderful is just waiting around the corner. -from my post on July 1st   It was never my intention to go quiet on my blog over the past few months. I held tight to […]


Today finally arrived. It’s 6:43pm & the sun is still shining. MY SOUL HAS RETURNED. I’m going to admit that it was touch-&-go there for a moment & by a moment, I mean the entire winter season. There were moments last week in the middle of grey skies & the perpetual drizzle (what is this fresh […]


I love lamp & other light therapy stories.

by heirtoblair on December 18, 2012

I started using light therapy when I was in the depths of deep postpartum depression. I was still struggling a bit & looking for a “boost,” when my father handed over a light therapy lamp he found at Sam’s Club for $50. A little over a month ago, when I started fighting The Big Ugly […]


Aunt Muff’s visit.

by heirtoblair on November 29, 2012

My cousin flew in on Tuesday night & our Thanksgiving break officially began with a squeal & a hug at the curb of RDU Airport.  Her name is Mariellen & she lives in Philadelphia, but you can call her Muff because that’s what I’ve called her since we were young.  We’ve spent a lot of Thanksgivings together […]


Beating the Big Ugly.

by heirtoblair on November 13, 2012

I sat in her office, back on the couch that I knew so well.  Her hair is reaching her shoulders now & we talked about how much I love my job & how my three-year-old is the most exquisite form of exhaustion, how he’s the most marvelous jackass I know, how I just want to […]