BA is effing crazy

Blame the endorphins & the snow.

by Beth Anne on January 29, 2014

Lately I’ve been overwhelmed with life in the best way, the kind where I fall into bed at the end of the day & wonder how is this me? how is this reality? & why will it all end one day? I’ve been facing the reality that I’m 30 years old, 1/3 of the way through [...]


Marley-ish & me.

by Beth Anne on December 9, 2013

It’s winter-cold in North Carolina & while it feels like a heat-wave to our northern neighbors, we’re wearing wool coats & gloves & watching for black ice on the bridges. The constant drizzle of rain makes it feel even more cold, the damp that gets down under my skin until all I can think about [...]


Back in early 2012, I wrote a post about Why You Should Know Who Christian Grey Is & I don’t know whether it’s my wicked SEO skills or people just wanting to Google kinky sex men, but it was one of my more popular posts.  Since that post, I’ve discovered much better smut reading & [...]


Just a regular ol’ pony & cowboy.

by Beth Anne on July 25, 2013

Remember last year’s saga of the Peanut Butter the pony? It was a wonderful lesson in learning to love the kid I’ve got & embracing my cowboy on the beach picture, which still sits proudly on an end table in our living room. Mostly because it’s ridiculous. This year, I told him that if he [...]


Today finally arrived. It’s 6:43pm & the sun is still shining. MY SOUL HAS RETURNED. I’m going to admit that it was touch-&-go there for a moment & by a moment, I mean the entire winter season. There were moments last week in the middle of grey skies & the perpetual drizzle (what is this fresh [...]