Adult Club

I feel like I can’t really start this until I state the obvious – I have the best job in the entire world.I have the job that people wonder how to get, the job that some people wonder how it even exists. I have the job I pinch myself over on a regular basis. I [...]


I sat at my desk, cursing the client that would walk through the door in 10 minutes. The paperwork piled on my desk, waiting for approval signatures. With a sigh, I gathered my heavy black portfolio, sales brochures, & gave one last once-over in the mirror. Pink sweater, black pencil skirt, tights, heels. Pearls & [...]



by Beth Anne on December 3, 2013

I stared down the shorter days of September & October with no fear. Weeks passed & I didn’t feel that sickly crawling across my soul, that black hole that seems to grow in the winter months. Instead, I worked under my sunlamp & faithfully took my medicine & the spring never left my step. For [...]


I have my Jesus, but I don’t know my church.

by Beth Anne on November 5, 2013

I grew up baptized in both the Word & the water, with Sunday shoes & Easter dresses & a pristine Bible tucked under my arm. I spent my childhood swinging my legs from the pew & at 8 years old, I walked to the front of the church & made my parents proud. Then at [...]


This past summer passed lazy & quick, a contradiction that I’m still trying to reconcile as the leaves begin to turn outside our front living room. In June, I sat with Madeleine L’Engle in my lap & determined that I would live more intentionally. I didn’t know what it looked like at the time; I [...]