Adult Club


by Beth Anne on April 27, 2014

“Kim? Kim, it’s Beth Anne. What happened?” My voice caught on the phone with my college roommate, Kim. We hadn’t spoken on the phone in 8 years & she was the first person I called when I saw the update, that Courtney Sanford was gone. Ten years ago, Kim & I shared bunk beds in […]


I feel like I can’t really start this until I state the obvious – I have the best job in the entire world.I have the job that people wonder how to get, the job that some people wonder how it even exists. I have the job I pinch myself over on a regular basis. I […]


I sat at my desk, cursing the client that would walk through the door in 10 minutes. The paperwork piled on my desk, waiting for approval signatures. With a sigh, I gathered my heavy black portfolio, sales brochures, & gave one last once-over in the mirror. Pink sweater, black pencil skirt, tights, heels. Pearls & […]



by Beth Anne on December 3, 2013

I stared down the shorter days of September & October with no fear. Weeks passed & I didn’t feel that sickly crawling across my soul, that black hole that seems to grow in the winter months. Instead, I worked under my sunlamp & faithfully took my medicine & the spring never left my step. For […]


I have my Jesus, but I don’t know my church.

by Beth Anne on November 5, 2013

I grew up baptized in both the Word & the water, with Sunday shoes & Easter dresses & a pristine Bible tucked under my arm. I spent my childhood swinging my legs from the pew & at 8 years old, I walked to the front of the church & made my parents proud. Then at […]