Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you write with ampersands?

Because one time I said “nads” to my high school boyfriend.

What do you do for a living?

I am a Community Manager for Ignite Social Media. I create content & manage social media channels for several Procter & Gamble brands. Previously I worked in digital marketing at SAS, a large analytic software company, specializing in email & landing pages.

How do I make money blogging?

Join a publishing network. Then keep doing your thing. Here’s a run-down on how much bloggers make, if you’re curious.

How do I get hired to write for Babble?

Working for Babble for over 2 years was such an incredible experience.  If you’re interested in writing for, keep an eye on Andrea Zimmerman’s Twitter feed where she will post any openings. My contacts have all left Babble & honestly, I’m not sure who you need to contact now.

Why do you have BlogHer Publishing Network ads on your blog?

Because it’s a pain-free way to make money.  It doesn’t require you to click or sign up for anything.  Just do what you always do & I earn a little cash that helps me keep this little corner of the internet going.  I do not sell ads privately. (p.s. thanks so much for your support!)

Do you still do product reviews?

Occasionally.  The majority of my reviews are done through the BlogHer Publishing Network as the $250 review fee helps support my family.

What kind of blog do you have? Who is your host?

I operate on & am hosted by Twenty70 Hosting. I have nothing but glowing recommendation for Kelly & her stability & service over the past four years. I highly recommend her if you are looking to host your own blog.

What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D40 with a kit lens.  This means that I know very, very little about photography outside of a very basic DSLR.  I also use an Olympus PEN & a Canon PowerShot.

Weren’t you on’s message boards?

Yes.  That was over four years ago.

You’re fat.

Oh, thank God! I was afraid you were going to say that I was a murderer or a liar or a cheat or a walking plague of evil upon humanity. See? There are far worse things in life.

But I think you’re a liar & I hate you.

I wish I could sit down with you & have a cup of coffee, because I think we’d really like each other. I’m a mixture of emotions & convictions & conflict, just like you. Writing online is a weird over-share & privacy tightrope that we’re all learning & stumbling through. My blog only shows snippets of my life, snapshots in time, with the big picture held close.

When are you going to have another baby?

I honestly don’t know.

Do you use Amazon Affiliate links?

Nope. If you see something linked to Amazon or any other place, I get no kick-back on it.

Where did you get the grey rug in your living room?

Garden Ridge, for $100 in fall 2012. Glad you like it!

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