In defense of the Republican.

by heirtoblair on November 6, 2012

I’m a conservative.

I am not stupid or ignorant or brainwashed.

I believe in small government & the power of the individual states.

I believe in separation of church & state & that while my faith shapes my character, it should not define our country & those who may not share my faith.

I am not automatically a bigot or a racist or an asshole because my voting card reads Republican.  Despite what some in my party believe, I know that we all deserve the same rights, no matter our race, sex, or sexual orientation.

I am a woman & I have a vagina but that is not the only issue I vote on.  I vote for social issues for the health & protection of our nation’s economy & people.

I think it’s cool that Obama fist-bumps janitors but it doesn’t bother me if Romney has his shoes professionally shined. (for the record, that’s a security check.) I vote on foreign policy, not if my president seems “down” with or “above” the middle class.

I believe that red lines must be drawn on foreign policy.  I believe that war should always be a last resort but sometimes it is necessary.  I believe we should have a strong military to protect ourselves & those who cannot afford their own protection.

I have faith in capitalism & free trade.

I hold dear the right to pursue happiness & the American dream, but that our Declaration is not a guarantee of that happiness.

I wish for private social security.  I know that the current social security is not what was intended when it was formed, that people are living longer & larger.

I want healthcare reform & believe that portions of Obamacare are good, very good.  However, I have seen both personally & professionally what a mess Medicare & Medicaid are & I have little faith in a government-endorsed health care policy.

I am not a conservative because my parents raised me that way or because my church indoctrined the ideals into me, but because I sat the better part of my college career in economic lectures, spent six years working in a senior living community, & now work for a private global company owned by a very rich man.

I believe it’s okay if you don’t agree with me & that’s what makes this democracy work.  I don’t have all the answers but I know that one man is not the solution, no matter who is elected today.


6f377adc284611e2a31922000a1fbcdc 7 300x300 In defense of the Republican.I hope that you vote today, friends.  Hold the doors open for each other & smile, even if the person behind you is voting for the opposition. Be kind to the poll workers.  & if you’re still undecided, pencil in Tuck.  Her policies include peeing on anything she can’t eat or hump & she doesn’t care about healthcare reform because her humans pay the vet bills.

For the record, I voted for ninjas.

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